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What’s Inside the Play-Based Preschool Curriculum?

play based curriculum

Looking for a Play-Based Pre-K Curriculum created by a teacher who currently uses these lessons in her classroom?  Sometimes it can be hard to find a curriculum that will fit your needs – so many choices. I get that! The expense and learning curve to implementing a new preschool curriculum makes the decision even harder!

So, that is why I wanted to lay out exactly what is inside the Lovely Commotion Play-Based Pre-K Curriculum.  As we walk through each component of the lesson plan, look for a link below each photo to read even more about that component. 

But, first let’s have a quick run-down of what is included:

  • 25 Play-Based Lesson Plans
  • 22 Pretend Play Props for the Drama Center
  • 23 Science Centers
  • 12 STEM Challenges
  • 10 Nursery Rhyme Mini Units
  • 9 Literacy Units
  • 8 Social Emotional Lessons
  • 4 Circle Time Game Packs
  • The Circle Time Pre-K Set
  • Procedure Cards

Now… let’s take a closer look at each component:

25 Pre-K Play-based Lesson Plans

With 25 different themes to choose from and each theme having 2 weeks of lessons – you can easily have your whole group, small group and center lesson planning done! ✅


22 Pretend Play Props for the Dramatic Play Center

You will never have to wonder what to put in your dramatic play center when you have all these ideas and printables! Each Pretend Play Pack has ideas for setting up a themed dramatic play center, with printables to go with it!

23 Science Units

23 different themed science units for your science center! With 4 tray activities per unit and sensory tub ideas your science center will no longer be an overlooked center.

12 STEM Challenges

These challenges were created for whole group learning (as opposed to the Science Centers which are done independently) to encourage an interest in science!  Four challenges are included for each month of the year – the challenge may be an experiment, engineering project or an exploration. Included with the four challenges are prompts to relate the experiment to a real life scenario, as well as science vocabulary cards.

10 Nursery Rhyme Mini Units

10 Nursery Rhymes are included in the curriculum bundle. The Nursery Rhyme Mini-Units are great for Circle Time or a quick whole group activity when you are have a short block of time. With many different ways to interact with the nursery rhyme – you can ensure engagement!

8 Social Emotional Units

Teach important social-emotional skills with the 8 included units. Each unit has four lessons with book recommendations, discussion points and an extension activity. We do one lesson a week, which works really well.

9 Literacy Units

Dive deeper into your favorite read alouds with these 9 literacy units. Each unit has 4 lessons that each focus on a different read aloud. In the lesson, there are prompts, ideas and extension activities to dig deeper into authors, illustrators, craft, story elements and so much more!

4 Circle Time Game Packs

Want a skill-based, quick and fun game to mix up your circle time or whole group routine? Circle Time Games are perfect! Each game was created to be used with a whole group of children and is a quick, but effective skill-building activity. Four seasonal-themed packs are included.

Pre-K Circle Time Set

Also included in this curriculum bundle is the Pre-K Circle Time Set – because great learning goes on during circle time too! With all the printable calendar pieces, letters, numbers, months and more- you’ll be ready to tackle circle time!

Note: Yes, we still use a calendar – here is why.

Procedure Cards

A MUST-HAVE for every preschool classroom – procedure cards. Teach all those important routines and procedures easily with visuals so that your classroom can be running smooth as quickly as possible!

Also! Don’t forget – there is a FREE pacing guide to help you plan out your year using this play based curriculum. Find the Pre-K Pacing Guide here.

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