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Why You Should be Making Class Books in Preschool

class books

What is a class book?  A class book is a homemade book that includes a page from each student in the class.  We love to make class books in our pre-k class.  Not only are they perfect for the literacy center, they are also a great keepsake.  We are going to create enough class books this year so that every child can have one at preschool graduation!

Benefits of Class Book Making:

  1. Each child gets to be included in the book, therefore they take ownership and pride in the book.
  2. When placed in the literacy center, class books are a popular choice for reading over and over again, making them great repetitive books for students to ‘read’.
  3. When children take part in the book making process, they have a better respect for how to treat their books.
  4. Class books can be adapted to focus on skills that children need support in.
  5. Children learn about authors and illustrators

What kind of Class Books do you make?

We have done lots of fun books in the past.  Just this year we have completed books about Apples, Pumpkins and Scarecrows.  For the ‘Apples On Top’ we read the book 10 Apples Up On Top by Dr. Suess.  Then, we tried to balance ‘apples’ (we used bean bags) on top of our heads to see how many we could balance.  I took a picture of each child and placed it in the class book.  For ‘How Many Pumpkins?’, I placed numbered pumpkins vertically on the wall (with #1 on the bottom).  We measured ourselves against the pumpkins to see how many pumpkins tall we were!  I took a pictures of each child and they completed a book page by coloring in how many pumpkins tall they were.  The ‘Scarecrow Scarecrow’ class book was more of a creative thinking activity.  We learned about how scarecrows scare crows.  We thought of something a scarecrow might scare and drew a picture.  The individual book pages said: ‘Scarecrow, Scarecrow how scary can you be?  You scared a ______, but you can’t scare me!’.  This book was a fun one to see what they children came up with!  Our gingerbread book has not been completed yet, but each child will finish a page in the book with this template: ‘Run, Run as fast as I can, ______can run faster than the gingerbread man.’  Students will also draw a picture to mach their writing.  I always help students fill in the book pages when/if they need assistance in writing.

Do you create class books?

Class books for preschool classrooms.

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