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The Birth of Jesus – FREE Mini Lesson

birth of jesus mini lesson

This time of year is one of my favorites!  And I especially love that I teach in a faith-based setting where I can teach my littles all about the Reason for the Season! And I’ve got a FREE mini lesson about the Birth of Jesus for you!

I always start the conversation by asking my children whose birthday they think it is on December 25th, Christmas.  I get lots of answers – “Santa’s birthday?”, “I’m pretty sure it’s my dog’s birthday…”, “Is it your birthday, Ms Ashley?”.  While all good guesses, I love that by the time we leave for Winter Break, all my littles know exactly whose birthday it is- Jesus!

Teaching young children about biblical times isn’t always easy. They are concrete learners and struggle to connect to a time when people rode on donkeys instead of in cars with car seats. So, because of this I try to be very intentional.

Yes, we read from the (children’s) bible.  But, I have also found that visuals, re-telling the story and connecting the idea through song to be the best ways for our little learners to understand this amazing and hugely important event of Jesus’ birth.

So, if you also teach in a faith-based setting… I have a gift for you!

The Birth of Jesus Mini Lesson – Free!

This Mini Lesson is perfect for preschoolers. It includes Visuals for re-telling (I love adding velcro to the back to make a felt board story), book recommendations, movement cards and the Christmas Bells Song.

You can grab this Free Birth of Jesus Mini Lesson here. Enjoy!

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