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7 Picture Books about Books

When you think about setting your preschoolers up to be readers, what do you think of?

Maybe letter recognition and sounds… maybe phonetic concepts…. maybe even sight words. 

While those things 👆 are important and essential, there is something we as preschool teachers can do to help children not only become readers, but to love reading.

See, my first and foremost goal with literacy is for my young kiddos to fall in love with reading. To fall in love with stories and illustrations.  I want them to have print motivation- an interest and enjoyment of books.

So to do that we read A LOT.  We read picture books from various authors, books on various topics, books with a variety of characters, fiction books and non-fiction books. 

I love sharing different authors and books with children that I love.  My class would probably tell you that many times when I get ready to read, I say “This is one of my favorite stories” – because I have a lot of them!

But, today I wanted to share with you some of my favorite books… but not just any books.  The books I want to share are books about books.  You know, books that talk about books and have a reference to books.  In fact, we do a whole literacy units just on books!

So, without further ado…. 7 {amazing} Picture Books about Books:

  1. Llama Llama Loves to Read an Anna Dewdney Book. Who doesn’t love the cute little llama who wears red pajamas?! Well, now Llama is off to school and learning about how to read.  It’s a fun, relatable story with awesome rhyming!
  2. We are In a Book! by Mo Willems.  Gerald and Piggie are by far my favorite characters to read aloud.  They are full of fun and life and make every class I’ve ever had giggle uncontrollably! For this story, Elephant and Piggie are in a book and make the reader (us) say things. It’s hysterical and I love how we can talk about what a ‘reader’ is.  
  3. Reading Makes you Feel Good by Todd Parr. I love reading Todd Parr, especially because of his bright illustrations.  In this story, Parr focuses on all the ways that reading can make us feel good.  Reading for fun is an enjoyable experience and Parr drives this idea home in a kid-friendly way.

  4. How to Read a Story by Kate Messner.  This book is more like a step-by-step guide on how to read a story.  Messner helps new readers learn about what all goes into enjoying a story.  Step 1: Find a Book, Step 2: Find a buddy, Step 3: Find a cozy spot…. and on it goes.  This is a great book to help children understand what goes into enjoying a good book. 
  5. This Book Just Ate my Dog by Richard Byrne. This is a fun little book! The seam of the book eats a little girls dog and the dog disappears.  To get the dog (and others) back the reader has to turn the book sideways and shake it.  Giggling fun will abound! 
  6. There’s a Dragon in Your Book by Tom Fletcher. This is one interactive book! It will have you turning the book, blowing on it and even tickling it!  Be ready, you will be asked to read this book more than one time!  If your students can’t get enough, Fletcher wrote 4 other variations with an alien, monster, elf and super hero!  
  7. Lola Loves Stories by Anna McQuinn. Sweet little Lola loves going to the library with her dad. She pictures different books which take her on different adventures. This book drives home the idea that books can take us places without even leaving home!  

How about you? Any good picture books about books recommendations to share?  I’d love to hear them!

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