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Magnet Board Games for the Magnet Center

Do you have a magnet board in your preschool magnet center?

I love to add learning fun into centers anyway I can! So, when I got on the Oil Drip Pan trend and got one for my classroom I was excited.  But, it didn’t take long for me to realize that switching out the magnet center wasn’t going to be easy.

I’m not sure if you’ve searched for magnet manipulatives lately, but the options are kinda slim. You’ve got your letter and number magnets, maybe some shape magnets and possibly some pattern block magnets and those magnetic sticks and curves the kids can make letters with.  But, that was about it -at least that is all I could find for a reasonable price.

So, this lack of magnetic manipulatives left my new magnet center kinda bland.  I love changing out my centers to keep them fresh, but this one had be putting on my creation hat!

So, what’s a girl to do? Create it yourself!!

Now, I have 12 different games that I can switch out on my oil drip pan magnet center! And they are skill-based so these games encourage learning in a hands-on way through a different medium (magnetism).

Take a look at the 12 games I created and see if there are any ideas you could take and use in your classroom:

Color Sorting

Students work to match colored items to the correct paint bucket.

Skills: Color Recognition & Sorting

Shape Sorting

Students work to match the shape pictures to the correct shape.

Skills: Shape Recognition & Sorting

Size Sorting

Students work to sort the fish by size. This game also includes an extra activity- sorting the fish by color

Skills: Color Recognition, Size Comparison & Sorting


Students work to sort picture cards into the correct category.

Skills: Sorting & Categorizing

Gem Counting

Students work to lift the lid on the treasure chest, count the gems and find the matching numeral key

Skills: Matching Quantity to Set

Rhyming Frogs

Students work to match a frog picture to the rhyming lily pad.

Skills: Rhyming

Pattern Blocks

Students work to re-create pattern block animals using the pattern blocks and pattern block mats.

Skills: Early Geometry Skills

Name Building

Students work to build their name or a classmate’s name using the name strip and magnetic letters.

Skills: Name Recognition & Name Building

Feed Me

Students work to sort magnetic letters and numbers into the correct ‘Feed Me’ animals mouth. 

Skills: Color Recognizing the differences in print

Number Stew

Students work to match magnetic numbers to the correct ‘number stew’ bowl.

Skills: Numeral Recognition

Upper and Lowercase Match

Students work to match uppercase letter magnets to the lowercase letter mats.

Skills: Uppercase and Lowercase Letter Matching

Letter Sounds

Students work to match letter magnets to the correct pictures of the beginning sounds.

Skills: Beginning Sounds

If you’ve been around here for awhile, you know I like to offer other early educators done-for-you options and these games are no different!
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