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Summer Break? Binge the Best Preschool Trainings!

Summer Break? Binge the best preschool trainings!

Hello Summer, my old friend!  Summer break is upon me and I am hoping you are enjoying some R&R too!  But, let’s be real for a minute- we relax for about 2 weeks and then BAM the teacher brain starts thinking about next school year.  It’s just who we are.  So, if your brain is already thinking about next year- I’ve got some binge-worthy preschool trainings for you!

Looking for small group ideas and how-to’s? Got it.

Looking for inspiration on bringing social emotional learning into your classroom? Got it.

Looking for tips about teaching name writing? Got that too.

In fact, I’ve created a list of all the video trainings on the Lovely Commotion Facebook page.  The list is divided into 8 sections to help you find what you are looking for:

  1. Centers
  2. Circle Time
  3. Assessment
  4. Social Emotional
  5. Lesson Planning
  6. Classroom Management
  7. Teacher Tips
  8. Seasonal

If you are ready to binge some preschool trainings? – go and download the list!

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