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How Long to Schedule Centers

Center time is a major staple of a preschool program. And if you are running a play-based classroom like I am… free-play centers is the key ingredient! But have you ever wondered…. how long should I schedule time in centers?

If you are half day program vs. a whole day program your center time schedule is going to look quite a bit different.  Most teachers find themselves breaking center time up into two or three different play times – depending on how long the day is.

But, is there a recommendation?  A set of guidelines?

Here is what I found… ECERS (Early Childhood Environmental Education Rating System), a rating scale for helping preschools and daycares improve their environmental education offerings, has a set of recommendations based on the length of the day, in their scheduling checklist.

Super helpful right?

I’ve simplified the chart for you here:

So, based on the chart above, for my part-time 4.5 hour day with my preschoolers I should have a total of 90 minutes of free center play.  We actually do 60 minutes of un-interrupted time in the morning and then another 30-40 minutes after lunch.

But, I have to say… it’s is incredibly reassuring that my schedule meets the recommendations because 60 minutes sounds and feels like a long block of time. It’s nice to know even though it seems like a lot – it’s right on track.

So, tell me… do you have some schedule changing to do with the amount of time you have scheduled for centers?  Or are you right on track?

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