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Preschool Teachers: Get Ready for December!

Oh, preschool teachers…December is a comin’! 

I love the Holidays, but man… the first part of December (before break) is stressful.

I start thinking of all the things I have to do….

√ parent gifts

√ themed centers

√ holiday parties

√ thematic units

Then, you also have your family and friends to shop and wrap for. Don’t forget to put up the lights and the tree. There is also cooking and baking to do and Hallmark movies that need watching… all on top of the regular house chores and the chauffeuring of your own children to after school activities.

Exhausted yet?  Yeah, me too.

I honestly felt like I need a graphic organizer to map out all the craziness….

So, I created one.  Keeping myself organized is what keeps me sane. If you can feel me on that one – I’ll share!

Click here to grab this ‘December: Save my Sanity Preschool Teacher Planner


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