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February Preschool Math Games

february math games

We are a game playing preschool classroom. Games and fun go hand in hand, so whenever I can engage children with games- I do it! So, each month I have been putting together themed math games to play with my children. All the games are linked to a focus skill (but many focus on multiple skills) and follow the same format each month. This makes the games easier for children to later play alone or with a friend.

I have 14 games in my arsenal and today I wanted to share my February math themed games with you!

I use these games during small group time. Then, after we play the game and the children can play independently, the games get put in the math center.

The 14 Skills covered:

  • Counting with 1-1 Correspondence: A simple path game that can be played alone or with a friend.
  • Numeral Identification: A coverup game that is quick, fun and easy to prep!
  • Numeral to Quantity Match: Matching quantities to numerals. For February it’s Lovebugs and Bug Jars.
  • Subitizing: Students roll a die and cover the matching amount of the subitizing board – trying to play without counting out the groups of hearts!
  • Seriation: putting Valentine’s Day themed objects in order from large to small.
  • Sorting: by color using color mats and colored Valentine’s Day themed items.
  • Shapes-2D: Spin the Groundhog shape spinner and cover up that shape on the gameboard.


  • Positional Words: Play a little BINGO game that focuses on all positional words.
  • Patterning: Extending love day themed patterns from left to right!
  • Measurement: How many hearts tall or long are the Valentine Kids?
  • Sequencing Events: 4-part sequences of making chocolate milk, making a valentine and waking a groundhog.
  • Collecting Data and Graphing: A game in which children collect data from the gameboard and record that data on the recording sheet. Which sweet treat will win?
  • Early Addition: A fill-it-up game where students spin a spinner, count the hearts and add that many to their gameboard. This two player game also works on left to right progression and return sweep!
  • Early Subtraction: How many are hiding? This hiding game helps children learn early ‘take-away’ skills.

Tell me… do you use games to practice important math skills in your classroom?  Which is your preschool math favorite game?

Check out these February Preschool Math Games here!

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