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Circle Time Boards for Toddlers

Can you have a Circle Time for Toddlers?  When you step back and think about what Circle Time is, you see that Circle Time is really about coming together as a class and sharing a common experience. Which is something toddlers definitely can do and should be doing (with a few caveats).

But, what should you plan to do together during your toddler circle time? Should you have a circle time board? In this blogpost, I hope to give you some ideas for having Circle Time with Toddlers and what can go on your circle board!

Activities for Circle Time with Toddlers

Here are just some ideas to get you started, so many different activities can be done during Circle Time!

  • Sing songs together (keep them short and sweet)
  • Count together
  • Move and dance together
  • Recognize emotions
  • Practice naming body parts
  • Practice recognizing their name in print
  • Practice colors and shapes
  • Observe the weather

Circle Time Boards for Toddlers

Should I have a Circle Time Board for my toddlers?  Well, it isn’t necessary to have a circle time board, an impromptu gathering to sing, count or observe the weather could happen anywhere! But, a circle time board with visuals sure makes it easier to keep those little ones engaged. Plus, it has everything in one spot, so you don’t have to go and grab different materials to do an activity together.

Some things you might want on your Circle Time Board:

> Shapes and Color Visuals to reference

> Weather Icons to report the day’s weather

> Visual of Emotions and Body Parts

> Numbers


>Recognizing Name in Print

>Opening and Closing songs to signify the start and finish to Circle Time + Monthly Songs

Tips for Toddler Circle Time

  • Keep it SHORT!  Attention Spans for our young ones are pretty small – plan for that!
  • Don’t try to do all the circle time activities mentioned above in one setting. Pick and choose to keep it fresh.
  • While choosing different activities to keep it fresh is good, also remember that children like a sense of routine. Singing the same song at the beginning and/or end of circle time helps with this feeling of routine.
  • Allow young toddlers to join and leave your circle time as they see fit. Forcing a toddler to stay sitting when they have different plans is a recipe for frustration. Make it so your circle time is so fun and engaging that they just flock on over to you!
  • Have a spot for each child to sit and keep it the same. This helps with feeling of routine and helps them feel like they have a spot that is all theirs if they choose to come and go.
  • Add hands-on items as much as possible. Doing a movement song with scarves, bells, beanbags, balls or bubbles will keep them coming back for more!

Looking for the Circle Time Board visuals you see in this post?

There are two available in the Lovely Commotion Shop for toddlers: The Three Year Old Circle Time Board and the Two Year Old Circle Time Board.  A great done-for-you option!

Circle Time Plan Workbook

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