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How to Teach Classroom Procedures

How to Teach Classroom Procedures


Episode Summary 

Our young learners aren’t yet

readers. Therefore, posters of written rules, schedules and procedures

are null and void. To young children, these posters are just visual


But, pictures are a different story. Young children can ‘read’ pictures.

So when it comes to helping young children learn about routines in the classroom- visuals are the way to go.

I found a need for visual procedure

cards in my classroom several years ago, so I created them, implemented

them and I am so happy I did.

The benefits of procedure cards are

huge and I saw all of those benefits when I implemented them myself.

Plus, the visuals have kept me from having to say a routine procedure

over and over and over and over and… you get it!

Topics Discussed:

  • The benefits of procedure cards 
  • How to use visual procedure cards
  • Managing your own expectations when it comes to procedures

Resources Mentioned:

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