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Birthday Bulletin Board Idea

Birthdays are a very special, unique time for our little ones. I love doing something to celebrate birthdays in my classroom! So, while I’ve always celebrated birthdays in my class, this year is the first year I have tried out a birthday bulletin board!

This birthday bulletin board is kept up all year long and serves as a spot to hold birthday treats, as well as communicating who has a birthday in which month.  So, far I’m loving it!

birthday bulletin board

With a trip to the Dollar Tree and some birthday bag labels (more on this in a bit) – you too can create a Birthday Bulletin Board.

At the Dollar Tree, I picked up 2 rolls of birthday wrapping paper (to use as the background of the bulletin board), several curled ribbon sets (as accents), a matching border and letters (from the teaching sections) and 12 small, white paper bags with handles (they come in sets). 

Start by covering your bulletin board with the wrapping paper. Then, add matching border and letters if you’d like.  Add the curled ribbon accents too!

Now, onto the actual birthday bags themselves. The bags themselves aren’t taken home by the birthday student – just the things inside. Each of the 12 bags get a month label.  Make sure to laminate these so that you can re-use them (grab the monthly birthday bag labels here). Attach each month label to a bag (I just stapled the label to the front top of the bag).

Then, program your student birthdays on the bag labels. More than one student with a birthday in a month? Add them both to the label!

Now, take those labeled bags and put them up on the bulletin board. I used push pins so that I could take the bag down when it was time to celebrate a birthday.

birthday bulletin board

So… what is in those bags?

Well, nothing too crazy!  First, I have a birthday crown for them. They don’t fit in the bag, so I hole punched one end and hang them to the side of the bulletin board with a push pin. Works nice!

Inside the bag I have a birthday sticker and a self-inflating balloon.  The balloon is the star of the show and is such a hit with the kiddos that I just can’t not do it!

They used to have these awesome self-inflating balloons at the Dollar Tree called ‘Wack-a-Pack’ – they were awesome. You hit this packet with your fist and the balloon inside would inflate and pop out of the package!  Sadly, I can no longer find them… so to Amazon I went. 

I found several replacements, but decided to go with these self-inflating balloons (you hit the balloon and it inflates, there is also a stick to attach the balloon to).  I’m happy to report these balloons did a really nice job inflating and are bigger than the other ones I had found.

So, that is it! That’s all I give out… but I’ll tell you they love getting a turn to wear a crown, be sang to and whack a self-inflating balloon – so the birthday bulletin board and it’s contents are a hit (quite literally)!

Do you have a birthday bulletin board?

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