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All About Me Thematic Unit Comparison

all about me lesson plan

A question I get often is…. What is the difference between your 2 & 3 Year Old and Preschool Lesson Plans?

To answer this question- let’s take a look at the unit All About Me.

The All About Me Unit is available in a 2 & 3 Year Old version and a Preschool version. The preschool version is geared towards 4 & 5 year olds.

Let’s see what else is different about these lessons…

For starters- the Two/Three Lessons are one week long.  The Preschool Lesson are two weeks long.

Another big difference is the lessons themselves. They are different lessons, with different skills being focused on. Also, the Preschool Lessons were created for a longer attention span than the two/three year old lessons.

For this example, let’s look at the skills focuses on in each lesson:

All About Me Two & Three’s:

  • modeled writing
  • oral language
  • graphing
  • self awareness
  • class community

All About Me Preschool:

  • recognizing letters in name
  • letter sounds
  • Word comparison (phonological awareness)
  • narrative skills
  • counting (forward & backward)
  • sound patterns
  • non-standard measurement
  • comparison of sets

* It’s also worth noting that the Two & Three Lesson Plans have their own pacing guide. So does the Preschool Lesson Plans.

Now, let’s look at what is the same…

Both the Two/Three and Preschool Lessons have the following:

  • A list of theme related books for read alouds (same list in both plans)
  • Theme related songs to sing with your class (same songs in both plans)
  • Printables that are needed for any of the lessons.
  • Center ideas
    • Preschool Lesson Plans include theme-related ideas for 10 different centers.
      • Art
      • Blocks
      • Drama
      • Play Dough
      • Math
      • Library
      • Alphabet
      • Writing
      • Science
      • Sensory
    • Two/Three Lesson Plans include themed center ideas for 9 centers.
      • Fine Motor
      • Science
      • Sensory
      • Art
      • Writing
      • Blocks
      • Literacy
      • Drama
      • Math

There you have it!  A comparison between a Two & Three Year Old Lesson Plan and a Preschool Lesson Plan on the same thematic unit.

I hope that helped answer the question, What is the difference between your 2 & 3 Year Old and Preschool Lesson Plans.

You can find the All About Me Lessons Here:

Preschool All About Me

Two & Three All About Me

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